Spicejet Cadet Pilot Program

What is Spicejet Cadet Pilot Program?

Spicejet managed this programme to create ‘First Officers’ for its fleet of Q400 and B737. You will graduate with a CPL (Indian DGCA) followed immediately by a ‘Type Rating’ on either the Q400 or B737 airplane.In addition when you join the programme, you will get a ‘Letter Of Intent’ (LOI) stating that you will be get a job as ‘First Officer’ on either Q400 or B737 upon your successful completion of the Cadet Pilot Programme.

Spicejet Cadet Pilot Programme :

Like other cadet programs Spicejet’s Cadet Pilot Programme is design for young aspirants eyeing for a seat in the cockpit of an aircraft and perfect launchpad for those who want to fly high. Cadet Pilot Programme aims at not only providing trained professionals to the aviation industry but also an assured job with Spicejet, on completion of the course. Students will will get training at best schools across the world, steering the course of career in the right direction.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be an Indian National or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)
  • Holding a valid Indian passport
  • Successful clearance of Class II Medical Tests as per applicable DGCA guidelines.
  • Should be age of 17 to 35 years at the time of applying to the Pilot Programme
  • Should have a minimum height of 158 cms (approximately 5ft 2inches)
  • Must be fluent in English (both verbal and written) and
  • Minimum Educational Qualification should be: Higher Secondary (10+2) with a minimum score of 60% each in English, Physics and Mathematics.

Selection Process:

The Selection Process is completely transparent and is scientifically designed to determine the suitability of the candidate for the job of an Airline Pilot.

The ‘Testing Tools’ used are:

  • Online COMPASS test software (Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System).
  • CCT (Complex Control Task)
  • Computer-based Psychometric Exam

Assessment and selection process

  • A candidate will progress to the next Phase only on passing the first Phase
  • The first three Phases (1, 2 and 3) will be typically completed in a day
  • The fourth and final Phase will be conducted within a week after the first three Phases
  • First three Phases will be Computer-based-test
  • The fourth and final Phase will comprise of a personal interview
  • Candidates will not be allow to use calculators or mobile phones during any of the Phases
  • Final results will be declared within a week from the fourth and final Phase

Phase -1: Duration- 90 Mins.

Compass Test, Computerized Pilot Test, Aptitude Screening, MCQ’s

(Skills Tested- STM, Mental Arithmetic, Spatial Orientation, Multi Tasking)

Phase-2: Duration- 10 Minutes (All applicants who pass Phase 1 will need to take this test.)

  • CCT (Complex Control Task)
  • This module requires applicant to use a joystick and rudder pedal set connected to a computer.

(Skills Tested: Eye-Hand-Foot Coordination, The aptitude to fly an aircraft)

Phase-3: Duration: 60 Minutes.

Description of Test- Psychometric Test

Skills Tested: Personality and psychological suitability for the job of an airline pilot.

Phase-4: Description of Test

Personal Interview

  How cadets Prepare at IFA:  

  • We provide ‘Structural Training’ and conduct Mock Tests, Psychometric Testing as per latest pattern followed by Spicejet, so that a student can access himself and excel in the test.
  • Unlimited sessions on Simulator + Joystick till the time the student is confident in handling with confidence.
  • We provide Technical classes which include getting well versed in Aircraft Instruments, and all the, Aircraft Technical Topics.
  • Structural training pattern, Mock interviews. Every effort is made to boost the confidence of the student.

Address :

C – 401, Second floor, Dev Plaza, 
Ramphal Chowk. sec – 7, New Delhi, 
Delhi 110075 

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